June love,

In September/October 2017 were expecting puppies from our chocolate 2 x CWC Fanaberia Tellus Mater FCI and Ch.Pl Zbylut Dziechcinek. We’re expecting puppies to have different colors of coat: black, black-white, chocolate and white-chocolate

OSTREWKA gave birth to 3 beautiful boys

Our champion- black/silver DA PRA free OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarni on March 8th gave birth to 3 boys. 2 puppies are black and white and one is black. Father of puppies is Mł. Ch. Pl DA GZIK Wataha Fuksa and these are his first kids. Boys are strong and beautiful.  

January mating of Ch. Pl., DA (N/N) OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI

Around second week of March we are expecting puppies from our black-silver  Ch. Pl., res. CACIB, DA, (N/N)  OSTREWKA and chocolate-white Mł. Ch. Pl., DA GZIK Wataha Fuksa. More information about this couple, Including pedigrees to be found in a file „puppies”. We are expecting black and white-black puppies. On the picture our couple in mine (and […]

December mating of CH. Pl., DA (N/N) IDYLLA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI.

After February 20th we are expecting puppies from our beautiful grey CH. Pl. IDYLLA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI and white-black Int.ch., Ch. Pl., SK, LT, CZ – all his titles listed in „puppies” file) ARAK Blusałka. We are expecting puppies in various colors. On the pictures our „just married” on a winter walk with our dogs in […]

Our chocolate FANABERIA shocked is by giving birth to 10 pupies!

On August 14th our chocolate 2 x CWC, res. CACIB, DA, PRA free (N/N) FANABERIA Tellus Mater FCI (F: 2 x CWC MIESZKO z Norblińskiej Doliny M: 3 x CWC, Ch. Weteranów, DA ŻEGLARKA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) gave birth to her fist litter. The father is Ch. Pl., DA ,  PRA free N/N ZBYLUT Dziechcinek (F: […]

Our longtime dog sledding leader CIAPEK z Banciarni has passed away.

Breed winner, CWC Ciapek z Banciarni has passed away on March 21st 2016 in the age of 15.  He missed he’s birthday with 4 days. Regardless many tries of my husband Andrzej, we were not able to keep him with us for any longer. He was a child of beautiful parents: F: 3 x CWC Big Foot […]