Our Siberian Husky LUZAK z Banciarni has passed away.

On July 13th 2015 im the age of 9,5 years our Siberian Husky LUZAK z Banciarni (F; ELDORADO z Banciarni FCI M: FRAJDA z Banciarni FCI) has passed away. LUZAK was running for a few years in our sled – he was a strong and obedient dog. His  name was reflecting his character – easy […]

On June 26th our awesome PON ELEGANT GAZDA has passed away

Past 2 years was for us a sad time of saying goodbye to many of our „4-leggs family members”. At the moment we are saying it to our awesome, beautiful and smart CH. PL ELEGANT GAZDA z Banciarni FCI ( F:Int. Ch., Ch. Pl., Zw. Klubu 98., Zw. Austrii 97., 2 x BIS Weteran MISTRAL z Banciarni […]

On June 17th Narkoza Góralka turned 16!

Our beautiful black-silver girl got her name due to being born by a caesarean section. She is a daughter if also black- silver 2xCWC, BOB, CAC, 2x CACIB Udina z Banciarni FCI and FRAJER z Innej Hodowli. Regardless her age, Narkoza still sees, goes for a walka with all other dogs, is interested in everything […]

This time BATUTA gave a birth only to one puppy

On June 15th our 3x NSwR DA Batuta Bacowa z Banciarni gave a birth to 1 little boy (252 g) – ŻUPAN BACA. Puppy was born by Caesarian section.the father is Ch. Pl ZBYLUT Dziechcinek. Żupan is smal but very beautiful and bravely fights for mom’s milk. He’s already booked

In the age of 14.5 years our Siberian Husky Burza z Banciarni has passed away.

Beautiful life and a calm death. On February 27th 2015 in the age of 14.5 years old our beautiful amber runner CWC Burza z Banciarni (F; 3 x CWC, BIG BRUCE of Scandiaca M: DAKOTA z Hrubej Siklawy) Along with her brother “in law” CIAPEK z Banciarni was running as a leader of our sled. Dog races  year 2002: young […]

Andrzej took 2nd place in Polish National Championships of dog sleds i MB1 category

On February 13th-15th in Lutowiska (Bieszczady) took place Polish National Championships in middle distance dog sleds race. Andrzej competed in MB1 category with 6 Siberian huskys. The competition lasted 3 days, along with the additional Saturday night part. In Andrzej’s category there were 3 other sleds- all over 18 sleds took part in competition. The leaders were […]

OSTREWKA BACOWA z Banciarni’s first puppies

On the night of December 21/22 our black- silver female 2 x CWC, DA, PRA N/N  OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI (F: Ch. Pl., res. CACIB , DA, BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI, M; 2 x CWC ROMINA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) gave a birth to 6 puppies – 3/3. The father is  Ch. Pl., DA, PRA […]

Died Lider Gazda z Banciarni! He passed away on November 28th

He has passed away much to early – being only 10.5 years old… 2 CWC, CAC, BOB DA LIDER GAZDA z Banciarni (F: Ch. Pl. SZPAK z Kuny M; Ch. Pl., OSŁODA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI) lost out in our and his own fight with renal insufficiency. In June on his and his sister’s Lima […]

IDYLLA has puppies

Our Ch.Pl., DA. (free from PRA – n/n). IDYLLA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI gave us for the 2nd time 7 beautiful puppies ( 5 boys and 2 girls) with the same father Ch.Pl. DA. (free from PRA – n/n) . BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI. Puppies were born on the october 29th morning. Two out […]