OSTREWKA BACOWA z Banciarni’s first puppies

On the night of December 21/22 our black- silver female 2 x CWC, DA, PRA N/N  OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI (F: Ch. Pl., res. CACIB , DA, BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI, M; 2 x CWC ROMINA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) gave a birth to 6 puppies – 3/3. The father is  Ch. Pl., DA, PRA […]

Died Lider Gazda z Banciarni! He passed away on November 28th

He has passed away much to early – being only 10.5 years old… 2 CWC, CAC, BOB DA LIDER GAZDA z Banciarni (F: Ch. Pl. SZPAK z Kuny M; Ch. Pl., OSŁODA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI) lost out in our and his own fight with renal insufficiency. In June on his and his sister’s Lima […]

IDYLLA has puppies

Our Ch.Pl., DA. (free from PRA – n/n). IDYLLA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI gave us for the 2nd time 7 beautiful puppies ( 5 boys and 2 girls) with the same father Ch.Pl. DA. (free from PRA – n/n) . BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI. Puppies were born on the october 29th morning. Two out […]

Ch. It MARINA z Banciarni FCI becomes “the winner of the day” in Sonogno (Switzerland)

In Songono (Switzerland) lately took place two Cane de Pastore Bergamasco’s Kennel Club dog shows (Swiss and Italian). Our beautiful Ch It, Marina z Banciarni FCI (F; Int. Ch, Ch of Poland., Youth winner of Poland., Ch. go Lithuania., Youth winner of Croatia , Youth Europe winner  2006., ONEIROS dei Lupercali M: Ch. Pl., CACIB, INNAMORATA z Banciarni FCI) won in a champion’s category on […]

Within 6 weeks our JUBKA would turn 16 years old!!!

On September 3rd our beautiful grey-white female Mł. Ch Pl., Ch. Pl, CACIB res. CACIB, JUBKA z Gangu Długich (F: Int. Ch., Ch. Pl., Ch. SK. ROKOSZ z Gangu Długich M: ZACIERKA z Gangu Długich) has passed away. She didn’t like dog shows, nevertheless all her tittles she won quickly and unrivalled. She was very dedicated towards us but even […]

At the age of 11.5 years taken from us Siberian Husky FIGA from Banciarnia

FIGA will no longer lead together with CIAPEK our sled anymore, she will no longer cuddle up to us in her dedicated gentleness… On September 20th our beloved Siberian Husky FIGA z Banciarni (F; CIAPEK z Banciarni M: BURZA z Banciarni ) has passed away. She has been leading our sled together with her father CIAPEK […]

Success of FANABERIA and OSTREWKA on a Dog show in Nowy Targ

On the Dog show in Nowy Targ the showtime has started for my favourite young and truly chocolate girl FANABERIA Tellus Mater FCI (F; MIESZKO z Norblińskiej Doliny M: ŻEGLARKA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI). Me and all her fans as well were very happy to have her finishing the show with a “best junior” tittle. The second […]

15th birthday of my beloved PON NARKOZA GÓRALKA z Banciarni

On June 17th 2014 my beloved girl NARKOZA GORALKAz Baciarnni FCI turned 15 years old!!! She looks awesome as always, what you can se on the photo taken exactly on her birthday. NARKOZA’s mother lived almost 15 years and her grandmother – 16!!! So we are expecting NARKOZA to beat the age record. I wrote […]

OSTREWKA’s first dog show and first CWC

    Our beautiful black-silver OSTREWKA BACOWA z Banciarni FCI (F: 2 x CWC DA BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI M: 2 x CWC, DA  ROMINA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) have started her show carrier quite late but with a good results. She finished her fist International Dog Show right away her first CWC. I`m always  impressed […]