On June 26th our awesome PON ELEGANT GAZDA has passed away


Past 2 years was for us a sad time of saying goodbye to many of our „4-leggs family members”. At the moment we are saying it to our awesome, beautiful and smart CH. PL ELEGANT GAZDA z Banciarni FCI ( F:Int. Ch., Ch. Pl., Zw. Klubu 98., Zw. Austrii 97., 2 x BIS Weteran MISTRAL z Banciarni FCI M: Mł. Ch. Pl., Ch. Pl. JUBKA z Gangu Długich). We have no fawourites among our dogs although every single of them has something very special and characteristic for him/her. This special thing in ELEGANT’s case was his character. Strong and confident – he dominated over the rest of the herd with his personality rather than force. He was also very strongly connected by a „dog friendship” with our other dog LIDER GAZDA. He loved to run on the fields and used to do it with a lot of power. He was a strong, confident and very disciplined dog. But things have changed. After the death of his friend LIDER, ELEGANT lost his will to live. He was fading out slowly… He passed away at the age of 12 years and 5 months leaving us with emptiness and sadness….


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