November 24 our Ch. Pl. FANABERIA Tellus Mater gave birth to seven puppies

Our Ch. Pl. FANABERIA Tellus Mater FCI  (F; Mieszko z Norbińskiej Doliny M: Żeglarka Gaździna z Banciarni FCI) November 24 gave birth to seven pups: two males and five females. The father of the litter is Jr. Ch. Pl., 2 x CWC, CACIB, BOB, ECHO JUHAS Banciarnia FCI. Ana as usual there is colorful; males are black, […]

CYNKA JUHASKA Banciarnia is now fullfilling conditions to be a Polish Champion

During XXV and XXVI Dog Shows in Nowy Targ our CYNKA JUHASKA Banciarnia FCI (F:Zbylut Dziechcinek M: Fanaberia Tellus Mater FCI) closed her Polish Champion tittle. Also – our younger than CYNKA boy, Mł. Ch. Pl. ECHO JUHAS Banciarnia FCI (F:GRAJOTKO Wataha Fuksa, M: IDYLLA BACÓWA Banciarnia FCI), opened his adult Polish Champion tittle.

On May 8th 2019 our Ch. Pl. OSTREWKA BACÓWA gave birth to 4 puppies

On May 8th 2019 our Ch. Pl, DA, PRA free(N/N) OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarnia FCI (F: Ch. Pl BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI M: 2 x CWC ROMINA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) gave birth to 4 puppies. The father is Mł Ch. Pl, DA, PRA free parents ECHO JUHAS Banciarnia FCI (F: GRAJOTKO Wataha Fuksa […]