Overnight February 25/26 CYNKA JUHASKA gave birth to a five

PL. CYNKA JUHASKA Banciarnia FCI mated with Jr. Ch. PL, Ch PL Just Hajko (FCI) AKUKU February 25 gave birth to five pups with marks: 3 males and 2 females. This is a second litter from this couple, this time pups inherited colours from their mom. They have more marks and the marks are larger. […]

Our beloved BATUTA BACÓWA z Banciarni has gone to the dogs heaven

A sad information: January 05 2021 Ch. PL. BATUTA BACÓWA z Banciarni (F: Ch. Pl. UROK z Jurajskiego Źródła M: Ch. Pl., CACIB. PYZA GÓRALKA z Banciarni ) has gone. She lived with us 13 years and 3 months. Her doggish smile was charming and she gave us a lot of happiness with her great nature. She inherited […]

A succesful date of our black-and-white CYNKA with white-and-grey AKUKU

December 24-th we mated our black-and-white Ch. Pl. DA, PRA-free CYNKA JUHASKA Banciarnia FCI (F: Zbylut Dziechcinek M: Fanaberia Tellus Mater) with Jr. Ch. Pl,. Ch. Pl., DA, PRA-free  Just Hajko (FCI) AKUKU. We expect pups at the end of February. The should be black-and-white or grey-and-white with different tails (long or naturally short).  

November 24 our Ch. Pl. FANABERIA Tellus Mater gave birth to seven puppies

Our Ch. Pl. FANABERIA Tellus Mater FCI  (F; Mieszko z Norbińskiej Doliny M: Żeglarka Gaździna z Banciarni FCI) November 24 gave birth to seven pups: two males and five females. The father of the litter is Jr. Ch. Pl., 2 x CWC, CACIB, BOB, ECHO JUHAS Banciarnia FCI. Ana as usual there is colorful; males are black, […]