ŻEGLARKA GAŹDZINA from Banciarnia, mother of our beloved chocolate FANABERIA Tellus Mater, turned 16 on April 6th!

When, after a failed sale, the ZEGLARKA went to Ania, only then did her good life and interesting story begin. As Ania recalls, it was with her that she met her husband Jacek and planned her wedding with her. It was the ŻEGLARKA who lay with Ania during each pregnancy (they have three children) and assisted in good and difficult days … It was she who slept by the bed of each newborn child. He still sleeps with the youngest, with Zuzia. She assisted each of the children as they learned to walk. She walked by the stroller of each of them. Now, apparently, these children, still small, cover her with a blanket to keep her warm and give the bowl closer to her so that she doesn’t have to get up when she has bad days… It’s a really beautiful family story with PON in the lead role. On the other hand, for me it is a great happiness that the ŻEGLARKA as a puppy ended up in Ania’s house, but our story is the purchase from Ania of the wonderful daughter of the ŻEGLARKA – the chocolate FANABERIA of my dreams. From the very beginning, when Ania brought her to us, she won our hearts with her beauty and character. There is no person who would come to our house and not love Fanaberia. She has been lighting up our house with positive energy for almost ten years. This bitch enjoys everything and infects the environment with it. Her numerous children scattered around the world also inherited from her this joy of life, wisdom and devotion. The story continues, after us others will continue to write it, if only because Fanaberia’s daughter – CYNKA stayed in our house, and after her, now a one-year-old granddaughter, POKUSA.

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