Andrzej took 2nd place in Polish National Championships of dog sleds i MB1 category

andrzej _jazda

On February 13th-15th in Lutowiska (Bieszczady) took place Polish National Championships in middle distance dog sleds race. Andrzej competed in MB1 category with 6 Siberian huskys. The competition lasted 3 days, along with the additional Saturday night part.

In Andrzej’s category there were 3 other sleds- all over 18 sleds took part in competition. The leaders were mostly young and „furious”, but the oldest (68 years old) competitor didn’t gave up so easily and lost only in confrontation with the member of our club „Tatry” Czarny Dunajec – Grzegorz Jękner. Both Andrzej and Grzegorz train often together and Grzegorz started his adventure with Huskys with dogs from our kennel. Today, he’s got already his own dogs and is a very passionate and ambitious about dog sleds.  Besides, he’s got a contestant’s soul, since he’s also a great hokey player. And, even though, Andrzej is a grandfather already, he stays in shape and continues to race younger contestants, powered up with his sport passion and experience of 1st class pilot.  Andrzej placed 8 in all-around classification. I wish my husband to stay healthy and strong, to continue his passion in this beautiful but also a little extreme sport 😉 Congratulation to everyone on a great race.
On the picture: Andrzej and our Huskys. Picture taken by Dobrusia Lecyk,


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