Since February 22, our last team leader SZLEM from our breeding is no longer with us

Not only are we aging, but our dogs are too… Our last Siberian Huskies are already 11.5 years old, and their mother is 14.5 years old. It was a beautiful time, a time of extreme training, competitions, and all the wonderful moments associated with it. Szlem was one of the five Siberian Huskies left from our last litter. He was the leader of the last team, which also won the Polish Championship in his class for us. Szlem was my favorite; I don’t know why, but we both took a liking to each other 🙂. He knew that I liked him a lot, and he reciprocated. He was good at what he did, racing ahead and pulling the rest along. Fly to that great pack of dogs from Banciarnia beyond the 'Rainbow Bridge,’ my dear little Szlem.

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