Died my beloved Bergamasco Ch. Pl., 2 x CACIB, beautiful INNAMORATA z Banciarni FCI. She passed away on May 17th, a week after turning 13.

On May 5th she turned 13, on May 17th she’s no longer with us.

Ch. Pl., 2 x CACIB INNAMORATA  z Banciarni FCI  (F; Ch. Pl. CACIB INCANT di Valle Scrivia M: 2 x CWC CZOJA z Banciarni FCI) had 3 litters. Two of them with wonderful Ch. Polski., Mł. Ch. Polski., Ch. Litwy., Mł. Ch. Chorwacji., Mł. Zw. Europy 2006., 4 x CACIB. 2 x RES CACIB 7 x CWC ONEIROS dei Lupercalia. The father of her 3rd litter was Mł. Ch.Pl. DA  Ribellepelos PAVONE. INNAMORTA’s puppies with ONEIROS were outstanding jut to mention beautiful, black NULLA who started the kennel “Polskie Kudłacze”, or 2 beautiful girls reimported to Italy and recognized there among the best: MAESTA and MARINA. MORATKA , how we used to call her, was unique and unforgettable. She loved kids and kids loved her. The first words of our granddaughters, when they were visiting us, was always “where is Moratka? Let us play with Moratka!”. Unfortunately dogs age much faster than we do, and none can change that. The end of their lives, whenever it comes, is aways too early. MORATKA was a dreamdog: as a friend in our lives thanks to her wisdom and self-restraint, her beauty, happiness and faithfulness. Our home won’t be the same without her, which is clear for everybody who was lucky to know her. Sleep my dear, and wait until I wake you up

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