Grandson of our superPON – AMAL – BAJER BACA z Banciarni is THE BEST STUD DOG of 2016!


CH. Pl. DA Pra free (N/N) BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI ( F: Ch. Pl., DA UROK z Jurajskiego Źródła M: Ch. Pl., DA, PYZA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI) was awarded the tittle of the best stud dog 2016 at the PON club dog show in Leba. We’re very happy especially that he’s a grand son of our AMAL (Ill give up on listing here all his tittles) who was awarded this title in several years in a raw: 1995-96 – 97 – 98, 2002. When Amal passed away with 17 years and 4 months my brother wrote about him a cute poem saying that he’s sure Amal’s grandson will be the one inheriting his tittles 🙂
Congratulations to all Bajer’s children shown on a Dog show in Leba and also for those not shown but for sure beautiful. Myself I also have his daughter – beautiful CH. PL OSTREWKA BACÓWA 🙂
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