In the age of 14.5 years our Siberian Husky Burza z Banciarni has passed away.


Beautiful life and a calm death. On February 27th 2015 in the age of 14.5 years old our beautiful amber runner CWC Burza z Banciarni (F; 3 x CWC, BIG BRUCE of Scandiaca M: DAKOTA z Hrubej Siklawy) Along with her brother “in law” CIAPEK z Banciarni was running as a leader of our sled. Dog races  year 2002: young Burza takes part in Gorczanski Dog Sledes Race in a middle length distance and they take a title of 2nd V-ce Champion of Poland in D1/1 category. Year 2004: already as a leader with CIAPEK – Gorczanski Dog Sledes Race middle length distance -1st place in D2/1 category; 2005 – Gorczanski Dog Sledes Race middle length distance – 2nd place in D2/1 category; 2006 – Gorczanski Dog Sledes Race middle length distance – 1st place in D2/1 category; Bieszczadzkie Dog Sledes Races middle length distance (in the land of Wolf) – 1st place in D2/1 category and 3rd place all around (for 10 teams). Obedient, strong and smart – Burza was the only one to always listen to commands and even in extreme situations stop the sled. She gave a birth to two litters. From the first one 4(!) girls stayed with us! and 3 out of them did extremely well in our sled. FIGA took over from her mother sled leadership and was running in a first couple together with her father CIAPEK. At the moment our sled consist 100% of Burza’s great grandchildren and is still one of the strongest team in middle distance dog sled races. Burza – we are very happy that we could have you so long among us. You will always remain as a perfect  Siberian Husky for us.



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