NARKOZA – the longest living girl in Banciarnia – has turned 17 on 17.06.2016!


Her father is: 3CWC Frajer z Innej hodowli and mother: CWC, 2 CACIB 2 BOB Udina z Banciarni. I have to admit that thanks to my dogs the world is more beautiful to me, and it’s even bigger happiness if, additionally, they live long. Banciarnia’s dogs live long, probably they feel good with us. But the line of „black girls” is indeed special when it comes to the age. First black- CZUNA – lived almost 16 years, her dough tee UDINA 15 without 2 months, and her daughter NARKOZA just bested all records and turned 17. Out of all Banciarnia’s dogs it was only AMAL who lived longer – 17 years and 4months. NARKOZA still sees, although not very well, as it’s understood in her age. She goes for walks on a leash. She also heard quite well what makes contact with her much easier.
Every dog at our home is a separate chapter and a treasure and their rich life could have been turned into a script for a movie. We’re very happy that NARKOZA’s script is still „in progress” … 🙂
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