New puppies from UWERTURA

We have the last puppies from our beautifull Ch. Pl., Zwyc. Klubu Mł., DA, UWERTURY GAŹDZINY z Banciarni FCI (3 x CWC, DA Bursztynowya DYMEK M: Ch. Pl., res. CACIB, DA, PYZA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI), who bere on 30. 03. 2014, with a happy and proud father 2 x CWC, BOB, CAC, DA. LIDER GAZDA z Banciarni FCI (O: Mł. Ch. Pl., Ch. Pl., DA, SZPAK z Kuny M: Ch. Pl., res. CACIB., DA2, OSŁODA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI ). We have 4 puppies: 3 male and 1 female. All of them are spotted and are in majority black-grey. Mother UWERTURA as always happy with the motherhood, puppies are cute and thirsty for life and we recommend them and visit Banciarnia.
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