On June 17th Narkoza Góralka turned 16!


Our beautiful black-silver girl got her name due to being born by a caesarean section. She is a daughter if also black- silver 2xCWC, BOB, CAC, 2x CACIB Udina z Banciarni FCI and FRAJER z Innej Hodowli. Regardless her age, Narkoza still sees, goes for a walka with all other dogs, is interested in everything that happens at home, barks, walka and if Its necceserry even runs. Sometimes during the walk she „gets stuck on a spot” and we have to come back for her but lets not forget she is a grandmomy already. We wish NARKOZA many more years and keeping up the great condition she’s in now. On the picture Narkoza with her granddaughter Ostrewka.


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