OSTREWKA BACOWA z Banciarni’s first puppies


On the night of December 21/22 our black- silver female 2 x CWC, DA, PRA N/N  OSTREWKA BACÓWA z Banciarni FCI (F: Ch. Pl., res. CACIB , DA, BAJER BACA z Banciarni FCI, M; 2 x CWC ROMINA GAŹDZINA z Banciarni FCI) gave a birth to 6 puppies – 3/3. The father is  Ch. Pl., DA, PRA N/N ZBYLUT Dziechcinek (F; JESTEM Fervidus M: Ch.Pl. OSTOJA Dziechcinek).
2 males and 2 females are black- white pinto, 1 male and 1 female are black. Only 2 pinto boys have a naturally short tails (after their mother), the rest of the puppies has long tails. Mother feels well and is happy and proud of her beautiful kids, what you can definitely see on the picture.
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