Our beautiful Siberian Husky FRAJDA z Banciarni, has passed behind the rainbow bridge. She lived 15 years.

January 24th 2018 our beautiful Siberian Husky FRAJDA z Banciarni (M: Burza z Banciarni F: Ciapek z Banciarni) has passed away. She lived a week to short to turn 15, same as her father Ciapek. Regardless on what age our dogs are passing away, it is always time of memories and afterthoughts for us. FRAJDA was the last of 6 sisters. She never run in the dog sled, but she gave birth to 3 letters of puppies. All of her kids were outstanding runners. Her two daughters from the last litter – RUMBA and REWIA are running in our dog sled.
Dear FRAJDA, you were always howling when the rest of dogs was leaving with the sled, yesterday all of our 8 dogs where howling when we took you to bury you. They howled exceptionally loud and poignant and suddenly, as if the conductor was in power, they broke off and there was a strange silence, as if the time had stopped for a moment …
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