Our beloved NARKOZA GORALKA z Banciarni has passed away. She was with us for 17 years and 1.5 month


Its hard to say goodbye, and even though NARKOZA’s time with us was really long, our house is full of sorrow after her passing away. Black – silver 2xCWC DA NARKOZA GÓRALKA z Banciarni FCI (F: 3 x CWC FRAJER z Innej Hodowli M: 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2 x CWC, DA UDINA z Banciarni FCI) passed away on August 8th 2016. She was born by caesarean section, so her name somehow associated with “narcosis”, especially as she was born black. She was just so beautiful that she had to stay with us. Wonderful, faithful, guarding, wise, obedient and sweet… she was awaiting strangers and not getting too friendly with them. Nevertheless, our guest would always ask about this beautiful dog sitting on the side and say they want a dog like her 🙂 
Narkoza’s kids were also always beautiful. Just to mention few: 2 x CWC PARADNA GAŹDZINA, beautiful champion AKC Award of Merit Westminster 2008 GRANDZIARZ GAZDA ,our 2 x CWC ROMINA GAŹDZINA, beautiful and smart 2 x CWC ŻEGLARKA GAŹDZINA, or her brother with equally unique character –  ŻAK GAZDA.
Those not shown on dog shows were and are equally great and love at their human families. We won’t have second NARKOZA, but we have “her” two generations : ROMINA and her daughter CH.PL OSTREWKA BACOWA, as well as chocolate FANABERIA – daughter of ZEGLARKA. Dear Kozik – you’re still in our hearts….
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