Our Siberian Husky LUZAK z Banciarni has passed away.


On July 13th 2015 im the age of 9,5 years our Siberian Husky LUZAK z Banciarni (F; ELDORADO z Banciarni FCI M: FRAJDA z Banciarni FCI) has passed away. LUZAK was running for a few years in our sled – he was a strong and obedient dog. His  name was reflecting his character – easy going and „chilled”. In past few months he was a bit sick but we didnt think he could pass away so early – his parents are still well…Dear LUZAK – we’re sad you’re not with us anymore but you have joined quite a few our Siberians that are already „on the other side”. We are hope you will run together with them on the heaven’s fields.


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