Within 6 weeks our JUBKA would turn 16 years old!!!


On September 3rd our beautiful grey-white female Mł. Ch Pl., Ch. Pl, CACIB res. CACIB, JUBKA z Gangu Długich (F: Int. Ch., Ch. Pl., Ch. SK. ROKOSZ z Gangu Długich M: ZACIERKA z Gangu Długich) has passed away. She didn’t like dog shows, nevertheless all her tittles she won quickly and unrivalled. She was very dedicated towards us but even more, she was dedicated towards her fellow dogs. Their decisions she respected the most :)Very energetic and strong, was a mother to many beautiful PONs, just to mention our beloved UWODZICIEL GÓRAL or Ch. It. UNIKAT GÓRAL. She has lived longer than both of them.  Her children were also: Ch. Pl. ELEGANT GAZDA, Ch. Pl. ETAP GAZDA, Ch. of Denmark ŁADNY GAZDA, Ch. of Germany NYGUS GAZDA, beautiful NATALKA GAŹDZINA (Canada) , NORA GAŹDZINA (Czech Republic , stud dog TRAPER GAZDA, and many many more. 16 years of being together with JUBKA is a really long period of time and even though she has left us with age, she has left and emptiness…. sad.


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